two-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Svetlana Khorkina has offered to host the summer Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo online. It is reported by NSN.

the Athlete did not disclose the details of his ideas. In addition, the gymnast is considered an incredible failure from the presence of the audience, not the competition. According to Khorkina, it will not only deprive the athletes, but also will cause economic and financial damage.

Wednesday, July 22, it was reported that more than half of Japanese are opposed to hosting the summer Olympic games in Tokyo this year. Previously the competition was postponed to June 2021 th the pandemic coronavirus.

Director of the organization Committee of Haruyuki Takahashi admitted the possibility of re-transfer of the Olympic games. He noticed that in the first place, the organizers seek to hold competitions in the summer of 2021. He stressed that to fully cancel the Games is impossible, as it will cause a huge blow to the economy of Japan and the world.