The national consensus government (NTC), which controls Tripoli, announced on Monday about another major victory over the Libyan national army, led by field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. Among the trophies captured a military base El Watia were anti-aircraft missile complex (ZRK) “Shell”, which came to Libya via the United Arab Emirates. Right after this, the NTC has stated its intention to submit to the UN Security Council evidence of a violation of the international embargo on arms supplies to Libya “on the part of individual States.””Proud to announce the release of our forces to military base El Watia from criminal gangs. The base will be another exempt item on the West coast. We have full control of the database. This success does not mean the end of the battle, but never brings us to a great victory”— said Monday the head of the NTC Fayez Sarraj, announcing the capture of the air base El Watya 130 km southwest of Tripoli, near the border with Tunisia. Base in 2014 was in the hands of the Libyan national army (LNA). Previous major victory of the NTC forces was achieved in mid-April, when they managed to establish control over the coast in the West of Libya from Misrata to the border with Tunisia.Recall that for power in Libya are fighting two major forces, the national consensus Government and the Libyan national army. In April of last year, the Haftarot forces launched an offensive on Tripoli, but was unable to take the city, although stopped on the outskirts of the Libyan capital. With Dec military support to the NTC on the basis of formal agreements concluded with Tripoli, has Turkey. The decision on the transfer to Libya of not only their military, but the Syrian opposition fighters. The LDF secretly help Egypt and the UAE. In late April, field Marshal Haftar announced the decision to assume all power in the country, but in order to realize his plan, not in words but in reality, he had to establish control over Tripoli.The battle for El-Vatiou was from mid-April, the NTC forces have carried out at least three attempts to storm the airbase. The final battle began early Monday morning with massive air strikes followed by a ground operation. Now the plans of Tripoli to oust the LDF from the village of Tarhuna, 80 km South of the Libyan capital.PNS representatives claim that after the capture of the airbase found her warehouses with ammunition, weapons and military equipment, including Russian “Armour” caught in Libya via the United Arab Emirates. Last weekend Tripoli reported the destruction of two similar SAM. In the Libyan media also appeared and other information about the procurement of the UAE for the forces of the Haftarot.For their part, the representatives of the operational command of the operation “al-Karama”, which leads the LDF 2014ode, called the loss of the airbase “planned tactical retreat without loss, not the flight.” On the page of the press center operational command of the operation in social networks it is argued that one thousand vehicles, armored vehicles, planes, air defence systems and a field hospital were removed from the base, and the NTC forces found nothing except corrupt the SAM and aviation scrap lying there since 1980. It is emphasized that “the base has no military value now”. The official representative of the LNA Ahmed al-Mismari distanced itself from those statements.”If the base had no military value, there is not transferred to “Shell”. On this basis, kept the Western front forces the Haftarot near Tripoli, it carried out sorties of helicopters and drones. Now Haftar is almost completely lost control over Western Libya and the ability to cut off the NTC from the border with Tunisia, the siege of Tripoli now not to exercise. The only thing left to do NTC, to secure Tripoli, is to take only the Tarhun”,— said “Kommersant” the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Kirill Semenov. After taking the trophies, the foreign office of the NTC has promised to submit to the UN Security Council evidence of violations of the arms embargo against Libya by the individual States in support of the LDF. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Jablawi stressed that the documentary evidence “will embarrass supporters of the Haftarot, particularly the UAE, Egypt and Jordan.” According to him, the NTC has failed to prevent “the support of the forces of the Haftarot from France”, when last year it was revealed that sales belonging to the French army, an American anti-tank missile systems Javelin. Simultaneously, the foreign Minister of the NTC, Mohammed was Shining promised that violations by forces of the Haftarot will be considered in the UN Security Council and the sanctions Committee.The question of compliance with the arms embargo against Libya — one of the hottest on the site of the UN security Council. Each of the parties to the conflict complained of a violation of the embargo. Only last week the foreign Ministers of five countries — Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, France and the UAE has condemned the Turkish intervention in the Libyan conflict and urged Ankara to respect the arms embargo and to stop the movement of foreign fighters from Syria to Libya. Almost simultaneously with this Sarraj Fayez said in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the operation of the naval forces of the EU IRINI creates benefits for the LDF, since its area of operation — Mediterranean sea, whereas the strength of the Haftarot receive arms and ammunition “by land and by air”. “The essence of our objection: our ports will be under control, our troops will be infringed, then howto the place of landing of the Haftarot will be free to accept any assistance, and his troops — using any kind of military reinforcements,” said he. The effectiveness of the operation IRINI doubt and in Moscow, even though Russia in the West accused of supplying weapons to the forces of the Haftarot. Accusations against Moscow, it is also from Tripoli and Ankara. It is together with Turkey in the beginning of the year Russia tried to find a compromise between the NTC and the LDF. However, their plan for a ceasefire and the agreements reached after the international conference on Libya in Berlin, was never implemented.It is noteworthy that on Monday, after the defeat of the LDF and the victory of the NTC, the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to discuss in a telephone conversation the situation in Libya and Syria. “The necessity of an early resumption of the indefinite truce and mezhliviysky dialogue based on the decisions of the Berlin international conference January 19, 2510 approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council”,— reads the statement of the Kremlin at the end of the conversation.Marianna Belenkaya