Key points: as mentioned by Vladimir Putin in circulation

“Let’s not rely on our Russian “Avos”. Do not think, please, as we can be, “Ah! I will not touch it”. It can affect anyone. And then what is happening today in many Western countries in Europe and overseas, may be our immediate future. All recommendations must be observed. It is necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones, to show discipline and responsibility. And believe me, the safe thing to do now is to stay home,” said the President.

the President has signed the Decree “On declaring in the Russian Federation are non-working days.” In it, in particular: “Set, from 30 March to 3 April 2020 days with the preservation of the employees wages.” Thus in total, the Russians will officially not work nine days.

At the same time, as the President noted, all the structures of life-support, including medical institutions, pharmacies, shops with food and commodities companies, providing banking, financial payments, transportation and authorities at all levels will continue its work. Also in the ranks will the organizations carrying out urgent repair and loading and unloading.

Federal, regional and municipal authorities need to determine the number of civil servants, which is necessary for their normal operation. The same should do the media.