Katy Perry

the 35-year-old Katy Perry is now looking forward to the birth of their 43-year-old Orlando bloom daughter. But, as she admitted she only recently felt ready for motherhood. About this star told in an interview to People magazine.

Two or three years ago, I was horrified by this idea. I wasn’t sure that someday it will. It’s crazy. I can barely take care of myself!

she admitted.

But everything changed when she decided to undergo the Hoffman process (psychological training to help understand themselves and their problems. — Approx. ed) after a prolonged depression. Then, in her confession, she felt a noticeable change.

It changed my life, it changed the lives of Orlando and many of my friends. It helped me to change attitude, habits and understanding why I do something. It just gave me a lot more freedom

Katie said.

Now, the singer recognizes that she is not afraid to give the world of the child.

Unconditional love was my whole journey, and it will be amazing

she says about the upcoming birth of his daughter.

Speaking about what Perry wants to see his daughter in the future, she noted that they bloom will take her any choice.

she has two very ambitious, loud, independent, free-thinking parents, so that all this can it an impact. Maybe she’ll rebel and become a shy bookworm. We’re just here to support her, and I’m sure she’s here to teach us a lesson!

— said the star.

Cathy is confident that she will be very meticulous parent, unlike her lover, who, in her opinion, it will be much softer.

Orlando be the good COP and I’m bad. I already know that. I am a fun, hard, but fair,

— concluded Perry.

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry