Liechtenstein has a new foreign Minister! On Wednesday, the Parliament of the Principality of Katrin Eggenberger (37) has been chosen in the government. She is a personality with very interesting experiences: for example, the economist was until the end of October, the personal assistant to Klaus Schwab (81), the founder of the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF).

But that’s not the only Special Eggenberger: she is Liechtensteiner, but also a Swiss. She grew up on the other side of the Rhine in Buchs SG. And with the Swiss national team in synchronized swimming even in international tournaments.

“The outside view is an advantage,”

What is considered to be in the “home” with suspicion. On the question of whether it should be a Handicap or an advantage, if you “comes from outside”, said Eggenberger in a recent Interview that she is “proud Liechtensteiner”, even if you have lived in Japan, America, England, and in Geneva. “I consider my outside point of view, but as helpful and beneficial.”

Eggenberger is now proposed, hereditary Prince Alois (51) to the appointment. After that, you should be on the coming Monday in the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz sworn in. It replaces the five-man Liechtenstein government, the former foreign Minister, Aurelia Frick (44), had deprived the Parliament at the beginning of July at a special meeting of the trust. Reason for budget overruns were. (sf)