Katie Price (40) is considering to let your Vagina again to operate, in order to have a “second Designer Vagina”. Reason should be that you need to be stimulated in their Reality TV Show at the EMS Training, the muscles of the electrode, in front of the camera in the pants made.

The exercise Price lost control of their bodily functions. As a puddle was on the floor, she screamed: “I’m wet, I’m definitely wet! I pee!”

pee-Panne is the reason for re-OP

your first SURGERY you had, according to “The Sun” in the last year. Now you have decided that it was time for a further optimization. An Insider revealed to the newspaper: “Katie is always talking very openly about their interventions and the Designer Vagina, nothing else is there.”

And further: “It was a funny TV Moment, as Katie made the Training in your Show accidentally wet. Secretly she is a little embarrassed and decided to bring this one for yourself.”

Katie Price is currently in Turkey. There wants to leave her current Toyboy, Kris Boyson the Teeth straightening. “While Kris gets a new set of Teeth, could Katie do the Vagina-OP now,” says the well-Known. (euc)