Katie Price (41) makes even more headlines. Or better, her Ex-boyfriend Charles Drury (22) said. Since Drury saw the Ex-Model in the house of another man, separated the two. He is a firm Belief that the British Reality star has cheated on him, which she denies still. If the Horned one now wanted to avenge? In an Interview with “The Sun” chat Drury unabashedly from the beans and brings out sensitive Details to the Public.

To tell the beginning of it, of how they met. After a few Flirty messages on Instagram, everything happened very quickly. Although Katie Price knew him only a few days, you should have invited him in a hotel room in the English Cotswolds.

Bad Sex and drugs

There Drury’ve spent with the Reality Star for the night. “We skipped the whole Dating part. It went straight to the point,” the 22-Year-old in the Interview. Really excited he was from Sex but. On the contrary: “I was really disappointed. She was pretty lazy in bed.” Then he spread her even more points for the act of love. “I can’t give it zero points, right? Then I give her a ten.”

The night was not only influenced by Sex. While Charles Drury to sleep, to have the British Model is drugged out of her mind. “When I woke up in the Morning, she was still wide awake – though she slept not even for a second! No idea what she’s been up in the night, everything. I’ve definitely never noticed.”

A special case is not the been. As Drury in the 41-Year-old moved in, had nights such as these occurred constantly. “Once you has not laid four days in a row sleep.” Your Ex-Partner wants to know now, nothing more. He is glad that the relationship is over. Since the separation, the two have not spoken a word to each other. (fmü)