you transcended all: Katie Holmes (40) and Jamie Foxx (51) put on at the New York Met Gala, their first joint appearance. Six years, the two actors should already be a Few, but never before have they presented their love-happiness-public.

The first rumors about the relationship of the two made 2013 the round. At the time, they were seen flirting at a Party in New York. In 2017, they were holding hands when you walk on the beach in Malibu (USA), Paparazzi photographed the secret of happiness in love. In November 2018, the “Dawson’s Creek”actress and the “Django Unchained”Star sat made for the first time at an event in honor of American Rapper Jay-Z (49) together at the table, your Turteleien no secret and looked at each other in love. Nevertheless, Public Statements.

divorce papers to the reason for secret relationship.

reason for the year long game of hide and seek to be the divorce agreement with Holmes’ Ex-husband Tom Cruise (56) from the year 2012. This did not required Holmes to show five years with a new Partner in public. The American was married from 2006 to 2012, with the “Mission Impossible”Star, together they have a daughter, Suri (13).

Together on the pink carpet at the charity event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Holmes and Foxx were still there, the other caused a sensation. The Motto of this year’s “Camp” (dt. campy, over the top, cheesy) made, among other things, this year’s With hostess, singer Lady Gaga (33), all the glory. You put a 20-minute appearance, got rid of a total of three different costumes, to stand at the end of in underwear and fishnet stockings in front of the photographer.

actor Ezra Miller (26) confused with many of the face painted eyes, Reality Star Kim Kardashian (38), with its wasp waist in a skin-colored dress. And musician Katy Perry (34) lit: you came as an oversized chandelier to the legendary event.