she experienced the UPS and downs of the Kelly Family from the beginning. Kathy Kelly (56) played with her brothers and sisters on the street, in stadiums and fills in today, after their Comeback from two years ago, back in the halls. The third eldest daughter of the musical family is largely responsible for the success of the Irish squad.

As of 1982, Kathy Kelly’s mother, Barbara-Ann Kelly (1946-1982), died of cancer, was called for the then 19-Year-old: she took care of her younger siblings and took on the mother role: “Angelo is a Baby, Maite was a little girl. I have given them love and security, but that was for me, of course.” Her violin studies, she gave up, instead they started to produce the albums of the Kelly’s – now there are 19 out of a total of 22.

Kathy Kelly took care of 120 people on the tour

your experience has detained, Kathy Kelly in her first German-language solo work of “he Who laughs survives”. A title that fits your life. “We had made with the Kelly Family so many highs and Lows, because Humor was essential for us.”

Because of the big success also had its downsides: “The Hardest thing for me was to recognize when I need to change down a gear. Me even admitting that I have limits.” Finally, she had to take care of themselves as musical Director of the Band of 120 people on the tours, by security forces up to the light and sound engineers. The hustle and bustle, to the Kelly’s in the nineties, witnessed the singer, but rather from the outside. Laughing, she says: “I was the observer. The screaming was mostly Angelo and Paddy.”

In the coming Winter, the Kelly Family is back in Switzerland on the stage. 22. December you enter in the Hallenstadion in Zurich, on 7. February 2020 in the St. Jakobshalle in Basel, Switzerland. For Kathy Kelly, these dates are now a lot more relaxed. “I’m still the Oldest in the Band, but I don’t have to coordinate as much as back then. Now I can enjoy!”