goody grace and Kate beckinsale

the 47-year-old Kate beckinsale continues to enjoy every minute spent with his young boyfriend, 22-year-old musician goody Grace. Since official confirmation of his novel a pair almost does not leave and goes together like romantic walks and love shopping.

Every time Kate and goody invariably followed by paparazzi hoping to learn at least some details of their relationship. The reporters were able to film lovers during another shopping in Los Angeles. Beckinsale and grace briefly went to the supermarket, where soon brought several packages with food, their gallantly carried the young companion of the actress.

goody grace and Kate beckinsale

by the Way, about two weeks ago Beckinsale and grace publicly confessed to each other in love. It happened on the birthday of the actress — July 26. In honor of Kate published in his instagram video where incendiary dancing in a pair with her beloved cat Cleve (over time, the star somehow removed the clip from the profile). In the comments under the video, grace could not restrain his emotions and wrote that he loves Kate, and in return received from sweetheart the same recognition feelings.

Recall that not so long ago, Kate gave an interview with Women’s Health, which responded to all the haters condemning her for her Affairs with men, “which are suitable to be her son”. Beckinsale pointed to the double standards and said that the society different judges men and women for the same actions.

Today, it looks almost as a political act, if a woman over thirty, trying to have fun. Oh my God, of course, I’m just going to sit at home waiting for the menopause and to crochet! All other options seem too risky to others, which to me looks funny,

— said the actress.

Before the meeting with the Grace at Beckinsale was in a few relationships with men who were much younger than her: her former boyfriend was Jack Whitehall, Matt rife and Pete Davidson. Married yet Kate was only once — for filmmaker len Wiseman, which broke up in 2016 after 12 years of marriage. The actress also has a 21-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen, whose father is actor Michael sheen.