in The Morning from 6. May Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor saw the light of the world. A day later, the proud parents Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) showed the Small, visibly proud of the Public. His great-grandparents Queen Elizabeth II (93) and Prince Philip (97) have closed the newest member of the Royal family in the arms.

But his uncle and his aunt has not met with Archie. According to the “Sun” there are just no photos of Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (37) with “Baby Sussex”, the two of them were not even in Frogmore Castle to visit. And, although Kate can expect, according to a Palace insider, “hardly”, to meet Archie. “You have to congratulate Harry and Meghan finally in person,” says the connoisseur. Especially Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince George (5) will look forward to your new Cousin.

But why not met Duchess Kate and Prince William Archie? It is about to Meghans nasty side-swipe before the birth against Kate? Or the fact that between William and Harry ice age is to prevail?

“you wanted to give Harry and Meghan a bit of time,”

According to the Insider, the Absence of the Prince and the Duchess will have a far more benign reason. “You wanted to give Harry and Meghan some time to get used to the new circumstances and family life.”

Today is Tuesday, it should be now, but finally so far, William and Kate will travel to Frogmore. Still later, the day after tomorrow, sees Baby Sussex then also his Grandfather, Prince Charles (70) and his wife Camilla (71). The two stayed up on the 10. Mai still in Germany. (klm)

Royal Fans cheering on around the world! The first child of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry is finally here! All the news about the birth, the name, title and gender of the “Baby Sussex” read here in the live Ticker.