the Name of an exotic flower – Orchid Kataleya – gave his newborn daughter the accident, Roman and Natalia Kurenkova. Birth certificate of the girl, which it is inscribed, happy mom and dad have given in Department the registry office of Chernyshevsky area. This was reported on the website of the Department.

the Name of the flower in the expectant mother heard long before pregnancy, but it is so stuck with her that when the family chose the name for my daughter, who was about to be born, Natalia suggested it as an option. Her husband it is also very pleasant, and they appealed to the Registrar with a request to write the first paper of their child is “Kataleya Orchid”.

In the registry office, the pair went to meet him.

– We had to register the kids with rare names, – said the head of Department the registry office of the Chernyshevsky district Svetlana bilyna. But so unusual in the history of the Department found for the first time. Name – first and most important gift of parents to their child. Many believe that it determines the fate of the child. Let life Kateley Orchids will be bright, beautiful and unusual.

According to the statistics Department of the Registrar, over the last ten years in Zabaykalsky Krai girls called Avelina, Irene, Alicia, Beatrice, Eva, Alexander, Evangeline, Zlatoslava, John, Lelia, Leonia, Michelle, MIA, Nicole, Paulina, Rosalina, Sophie, Theon, Emilia, Erica, Julianna, and boys – Mountains, Dominic, Zachary, Radislav, Simon, Stephen, Thaddeus, Eric.