A hackergroep, which is linked to the South Korean government is to North Korea, but it works, ” says internetbeveiligingsbedrijf Kaspersky at the Middle. According to the company, the group, dubbed DarkHotel, use of five serious vulnerabilities in Windows and the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer.

the Kaspersky link his conclusion to the findings of security researchers from Google, on Thursday the public were made. According to Google, a group of hackers in 2019 at the latest) and used the series of leaks that have more to do with the manufacturer of the software is unknown, is also known as zero-days are named.

“That’s it, in a relatively short period of time, so a lot of different ways, from one-party to apply for a zero days exploit to be found, it is rare,” writes Google. The company says that the vulnerability exploited to target in North Korea, or the people concerned with the affairs of the country were about to attack, and is in opposition to, Kaspersky is not for a specific computer hacker group.

Kaspersky told Wired that the company and two of its zero-days and had already seen to it’s customers. As with Google, the five vulnerabilities, with one group’s concerns, “it is very likely that all of them are related to the DarkHotel,” said Costin Raiu of the Kaspersky against the the journal.

The group since 2007 and is a spying tool with a particular focus on Asian destinations, including China and North Korea. Raiu had a conversation with a Middle not go into the question of whether the DarkHotel, according to Kaspersky, also of South Korea, to which there are links.