the head coach “Rostov” Valery Karpin said that he does not understand why RPL cannot postpone the match against “Sochi”, which was to be held on June 19. Due to infection with coronavirus six players of Rostov will not be able to take part in it because they are on a two-week quarantine. And the League has not decided on the postponement of the match and still has not announced whether there will be a match or not?

“Reactions several. The first is the lack of understanding of why anyone asks someone, in this case, “Sochi”, the resolution on the transfer of the match. The regulations stipulate that in the event of force majeure one single organization decides is RPL. Not the RFU, not “Rostov” and “Sochi”, and only RPL”, – said Karpin “RB-Sports”.

Karpin recalled that when the residents were in a similar situation, RPL went to meet them. “There was a similar situation, when “Sochi” several players came down with flu. RPL recognized it as force majeure and moved the game. If sore throat or other illness at the normal time is considered to be force majeure, and COVID-19 during a pandemic is not considered, then I don’t know what it is necessary to call an unpredictable event. The regulations do not stipulate that you cannot get sick with coronavirus, otherwise it will be forfeited”, – said Karpin.

He recalled that in the current tournament rules, the decision to move takes RPL. Also, the coach Rostovites criticized the stance of the club of Sochi, which is against the postponement of the match and insists on holding the game.

“We are ready tomorrow to fly and play. But we are quarantined, which sent the CPS. Of course, we are ready to play the lineup without those players who received a positive test. But I can’t fly because you don’t produce,” explained Karpin. He confirmed that the first contracted player of the club became Khoren of Birman.