You’ve got protective clothing from the country and as a community, this means appointed, Lord mayor Frank Mentrup at a virtual press conference last Wednesday. To large stocks we could not use currently, but: “The supply is guaranteed.”

price war in protective clothing

In the industry, a price raging battle, the methods described baden-württemberg Minister of health, Manfred Lucha recently, like in the Wild West, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann described a brutal competitive struggle on the market.

Frank Mentrup sees the tip of the price war now passed. However, the supply chains are still confusing and the transport outweigh the cost of “everything we know from the past”. The limiting the access to means of protection as a whole.

locally, the situation is stable, in view of the nationwide situation Mentrup sees a “disordered condition” between the Federal government and the länder. It all is not assured yet, how one wishes, so the city head.

How is the situation at the Karlsruhe clinics?

Just as it is not only in the case of protective clothing: Even in the case of disinfectants, the productions reach their limits. Some States have loosened their regulations – companies such as the drinks manufacturer Jagermeister provided alcohol for the production of disinfectants in hospitals.

Also in the Region, many companies want to help in the production of disinfectants. You can restore mainly of alcohol for surface disinfection, the brewery Hoepfner checks the appropriate conversion.

But as it actually looks – in Karlsruhe clinics? Is alcohol used? “Our stock is enough, we have just received this week a larger supply of alcohol”, the ViDia-clinics on demand .

A need for additional alcohol from distilleries not currently there. The two pharmacies of the Hospital group can currently produce sufficient disinfectant.

“We have received offers from distilleries”

At the Städtische Klinikum Karlsruhe and the current stocks are enough also, but are tight. “Any regular order, the popular hands-desinkfektion means is connected at the Moment with an unpredictable delay,” says Christian Degenhardt, pharmacy Director of the hospital, on demand of

the medical care is not depend on the market situation, it will restore the Urban clinic self-Hand-sanitizer. “We have offers from distilleries and continue to the required alcohol in the meantime, suppliers in larger containers,” says Degenhardt.

from the alcohol disinfectant provided are uses for the protection of the skin, so-called back fat, and the other is hydrogen peroxide, which kills in addition to the alcohol spores. The Municipal hospital is determined according to the guidelines of the world health organization (WHO).

This article was written by Lena Kube, Corina Bohner

*The contribution of “Scarce means of protection: is the situation in Karlsruhe hospitals?” published by ka-news. Contact with the executives here.