you will miss fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld (85†) the most: His cat Choupette (7) – the elegant Burmese cat was the “center of the world”, as he explained himself. The self-centered fashion, Pope took his animal friend everywhere with you: Choupette flew in a private jet, ACE with the Designer at the table, silver plates, and was carried by him in a Louis Vuitton bag. You should even have a king Charles in the same bed sleeping.

After Karl Lagerfeld’s death, the Luxury four-legged friend well-definitely one of the world’s richest cat. “My darling will certainly get a large part of the cake”, said the fashion several times. And admitted: “If I were to happen to something that is also suffer the Person who needs to take care of Choupette, no Need.” The assets of the deceased designer, will be estimated to be around half a billion Swiss francs. The famous tiger should have taken in addition, through advertising contracts already more than three million Swiss francs.

“Choupette might be depressed,”

But even all the money in the world will not comfort the famous kitten on the death of her “Daddy Charles”, Karina Anna Grämiger (49), Cat psychologist: “The sudden loss is for the animal a shock. Choupette is certainly sad,” she says to VIEW. The effects on the Psyche are similar to humans. “The cat hides, don’t like to eat more, maybe even depressed. In individual cases, grief can lead to the death of the cat”, says the expert. It is particularly important that you give her even more attention than usual with your games, and deflection.

Who cares from now on to Choupette, is still open. You may stay with one of her two cats-ladies-in-waiting, or going back to Lagerfeld-Muse Baptiste Giabiconi (29). To him, the Designer snatched the velvet paw a few years ago. “It was love at first sight. Baptiste went on holiday and asked if he could leave with me,” said Lagerfeld. Choupette was at that time still very small. “I found it so sweet that I came up in the Baptiste home, said to him: “I’m sorry, but I’ll keep you.”” It was the beginning of a very special love story.