He revolutionized not only the Haute Couture: Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) only made dresses, but also in Automode. He photographed for the Pirelli, he – no joke – once for “Style” – called Budget-special models of VW (with washers, black as his sunglasses), photographed for the Opel calendar, even his cat Choupette with a Corsa. He should also have Ferraris obsessed – but for decades.

Three customized BMW

decided, After two serious accidents in a Mercedes SL and a Porsche (both times, the fashion designer was asleep at the wheel, whispers it) Lagerfeld with only 30 years of age, to prefer to be chauffeured. And he proved with his car not also love, that even major fashion designers only define the spirit of the times, but sometimes fall victim to: Lagerfeld’s BMW for him is tailored, 750Li, 1992 with its two-colour paintwork in cool Black and silver from today’s point of view as an aesthetic crime as 1980s Jeans with side strip of leather.

With Fax and video recorder

Then, of course, the minimalist decor and the Fax machine should be in the glove compartment all the rage. As Trends and tastes change, showed in the year 2000, Lagerfeld’s third bespoke order at BMW: an extra-long 750Li L7. The new grandeur of the turn of the Millennium, is reflected in warm, earthy tones, rich Woods and high-tech in a video recorder on Board.

Rolls-Royce meets Hummer

in the end, but you saw rise Lagerfeld is almost always from cars of his favorite brand of Rolls-Royce for which he photographed for an exhibition seven years ago. Or from his over ten years ago, acquired SUVs: at times, he had three specimens of the giant U.S.-terrain monster Lobster in the service. Three? Three! In order to do the chauffeurs of the Modezars in Paris (F), as well as in Monaco. Because, as Lagerfeld, in his inimitable way: “I don’t want to go to the same height as the other.”