As TV commentator Ernst Huberty exclaimed into the Mike, as Karl-Heinz Schnellinger in the world Cup semifinals in 1970 and in Mexico in the last Minute of the 1:1 to the Italian gate parted, and Germany, the prolongation (3:4) saved.

the native of düren (near Cologne), played, of all things, schnellinger, because at that time at AC Milan in Italy and still lives there.

all the people in Lombardy, the worst of Corona affected area in Italy.

How is the German Ex-national team player and four-time world Cup participant (1958, 62, 66, 70) in the epicenter of the disease?



To Italian reports Ursula Schnellinger, as the IMAGE is calling. Her husband Karl-Heinz, will be on Tuesday, 81-year-old has spent the largest part of his life South of the Alps. Of the Italians, “Carlo” called.

Schnellinger to IMAGE: “for Me it is good. Since three weeks I’m going out. At my age, the risk of Infection is high. If I look out of the window on the street, I see from day to day, less and less people. I’m afraid that it will take two, three months until you get the situation here in the handle, as long as there is no vaccine. It is currently very bleak. The Italians get the first bill.“