Until 2016, was elected to the Aargau cantonal Parliament, now Karin Bertschi (29, SVP) back again. The entrepreneur wants to put their time in politics, but in their company Recycling-Paradise. “Given my strong professional stress, I see myself with a heavy heart forced to reduce my political commitment,” says Bertschi. By the end of June, she throws that’s why your office as Grossrätin.

“is like This decision very difficult for me,” says Bertschi. “She’s matured over the months and will eventually be worn more by my mind than by my heart. The political work meant a lot to me.” You’ll miss the office as Grossrätin.


The reason for Bertschis resignation of the expansion is the course of your Recycling company: “As CEO, I am challenged with our rapidly growing company heavily.” Soon, her fourth recycling Park is to be opened and investigations for a fifth location are already underway. “The demands on myself, I entrusted tasks conscientiously and with devotion, has led me, therefore, my mandate as Grossrätin in the middle of this year,” explains the business woman.

In the fall of 2016 SVP-Mrs. Bertschi was the best result of your district in the Great Council.