Lasse Ellegaard was good friends with Karen Thisted, since they both had elevpladser as journalists in Roskilde in the years 1965 and 1966.

Here were the foundations laid for a friendship, which should last the rest of Thisted’s life.

The distinctive journalist passed away 16. march, and it hit Ellegaard hard, when he received the news.

“We have kept christmas together, and traveled together, and we also have a shared address (as Karen Thisted were without a home in a period of time, red.)” says Lasse Ellegaard.

“It is a great loss.”

Lasse Ellegaard, who has worked as middle east correspondent for both Jyllands-Posten and Information, says that Karen Thisted several times visited the places he lived abroad.

Recently, she visited him in Lebanon, where she was both the daughter and granddaughter with. A good time with the very immediate friend, he remembers.

He stresses that it is a widespread misconception that Karen Thisted had no filter.

“She was always a very warm human being. A very warm person, and she never had evil ulterior motives, so the filter was, in each case,” he says and elaborates:

“If there were ulterior motives, as was the positive.”

He saw not much to Karen Thisted the last five-six years of her life, but he tells us that they recently talked on the phone, where they agreed that they would soon be seen.

the Agreement, reached not to become to something, then went to Karen Thisted away.

Jacques explains that it is difficult to boil a friendship of over fifty years down, but some of the words, he connects with Thisted is ‘generous’ and ‘fair’ – and so she was always in a good mood.

However, was Karen Thisted also several times hit by the depression, which she has openly told about. In the periods so one less for her, reads it from his friend, but most of all she was a social person, a happy person and a woman, who was very good at his job. He remembers Karen Thisted for the skilled journalist, she was.

“It was also a friendship that came about because we were journalists from the same generation. She was a fabulous journalist, which could see the best and brightest ideas in what we others thought, was boring. She could find the most amazing stories,” it sounds far from Lasse Ellegaard.

Karen Thisted was 73 years old.