the Team of the Union of cinematographers of the Republic of Karelia and young professionals relieves the pilot of the mystical series “the Radius”. The Director of a picture – the inhabitant of Petrozavodsk Vladimir Rudak, who directed nine movies, many of which have received awards and prizes. Director of photography – Mikhail’s business.

This is a kind of retro-history of the radio engineer, who assembles a device that detects anomalies. The film’s protagonist is sent to one of the districts of Karelia to deal with unusual events that take place there.

In the main Rodi removed Vlad Timonin, the actor of Theatre of dolls. The role of the second plan went to the theater, “Creative workshop” Dmitry Konstantinov.

For all members of the crew is a new experience. They first work in the genre of mystical Thriller.

the Pilot episode is created in the framework of the project of development of the local cinema Programme cross-border cooperation Russia-EU “Karelia”. The Republican Union of cinematographers two years ago won the grant.