The Champions League, We are Ajax We are the best. The karatetrap of ” this is the goal of an 18-year-old striker, and the joy of the outburst later. Vienna-colored, red and white, as of may 24, 1995. Alone, for ever and ever.

“I see, and I’m enjoying it. Great weather, good pitch. So, what can we still prevent?”

According to Louis van Gaal, about an hour before the match against AC Milan, the winner of the previous year, and for the third year in a row in the final, in an interview with Kees Jansma on the bbc news.He just sat there, relaxed, with, a grin on his face. Self-assured, as all Of his attention was, in the years that followed. From the lead to beat it, not a shred of nervousness. Amsterdam is a bluff. “There was still some more excitement to it,” said the Dutchman on that later.

I just walked away, turned my shirt around. All of the players, hugged me, and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I thought it was amazing. I have never been so happy.

Patrick Kluivert looks back on his goal.

The Italians had the better chances in the first half, Ajax had a very difficult time. “We were not very good at the game,” said Van Gaal. “You will try anything to grab on to the opportunity to influence them.”

the Pointer on Kluivert

did this to the Dutch as well. At the time, that Desailly daring ran in There, jumped that ” this is right, and walked over to the side. Are karatetrap is one of the most famous images in the history of the Champions League.

The final kabbelde on in the second half. Very little opportunity, very little interest. “This is grasped and brought out two of the attackers. The first Call, the 18-year-old Patrick Kluivert. When a noble unknown to the general public. This would soon change in the near future. Five minutes before the time was Rich for the ball with David, and he was playing straight to Kluivert. “I took the ball, sprinted in the same direction. – The ball is bounced, and I have filled him with the tip of the foot.”1-0, game is decided by a young girl out of the club. “I ran away, turned my shirt around. All of the players, hugged me, and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I thought it was amazing. I have never been so happy to be here.”
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Ion Craciunescu car off, each following his departure to chelsea and was blissfully happy. In particular, Frank Rijkaard. He played in the final match of his career, ran away with his arms in the air. At first, the laughter, the tears. Great pictures. Football in all it’s glory – the pure emotion.

Your return to Amsterdam, it was already the stuff of legend. The plane was flying above the Square, where a crowd of fans as their heroes were waiting for him. Van Gaal: “I’m thinking, ” jeezes, that’s not so quick anymore.”

He was right. The tour de force of a Louis.

In 1995, She and Ajax were the best.