Rapper Kanye West asked his Twitter followers whether he should participate in the electoral race.

“I think all blacks should vote for Biden? You all want me to run, or not?” — he wrote. He probably doubted the ability to get the votes of people of color. West also added that considering options in a campaign in 2020 and 20204 years.

Earlier it was reported that the rapper was not able to register as a presidential candidate in the U.S. state of South Carolina. The reason was that the West was not provided within the period of signatures required for the registration of the independent candidate. According to the law of South Carolina he or his representatives had to submit to the election Commission of state documents testifying the presence of 10 thousand signatures collected in support of his registration as a candidate in the election.

Sources close to Kanye West said that he’s going through a manic phase of bipolar affective disorder, and it influenced his recent actions and statements. The actor allegedly takes a similar exacerbation annually.