Independent presidential candidate Kanye West is now teasing a 2024 run after earning thousands of votes in the 12 states where he made the ballot.

In a Wednesday tweet, West appeared to concede the 2020 race by posting a picture of himself in front of an election map and tweeting, “WELP. KANYE 2024.”

West ended up deleting that tweet and replacing it hours later with the same image, but this time just with the message: “KANYE 2024.”

KANYE 2024

West, who began trending on Twitter after announcing on Tuesday that he’d voted for himself after never voting in his life, has so far earned just approximately 60,000 votes. 

West earned more than a thousand votes in all 12 states where he made the ballot, according to preliminary tallies from the Associated Press.

In states Joe Biden won, West earned over 6,000 votes in Colorado, over 1,200 in Vermont, and more than 7,700 in Minnesota.

In states Trump has carried, West got around 4,000 votes in Arkansas, over 3,600 in Idaho, 3,200 in Iowa, 6,200 in Kentucky, nearly 5,000 in Louisiana, 3,200 in Mississippi, 5,600 in Oklahoma, and over 10,000 in Tennessee.

A former supporter of Donald Trump, West entered the race in July, a late start if one wants to make state ballots, especially as an independent candidate. West promised he would primarily run a write-in campaign.

Before running in 2020, West had already publicly announced plans to run in 2024. 

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