The 27 shots from Kronborg Castle, which sounds, when the queen celebrates birthday, is this year cancelled due to the corona.

the Queen’s 80th birthday the 16. april is celebrated without kanonsalut from the Kronborg Castle.

It has the royal family, according to colonel Torben Dixen Møller, decided, write, Helsingør Dagblad.

– the Decision is taken by the royal family. You do not want to implement saluteringen under the applicable coronarestriktioner, says Torben Dixen Møller to the newspaper.

A big royal salute consists, according to the Kronborg Castle of 27 shots. Bragene from the guns is customary at the royal birthdays.

Salutten at the Sixtus Battery Holmen in Copenhagen is also canceled.

The same is salutten by Kongeskibets port calls in Elsinore Port of the 3. may.

– We keep the powder dry for next year, ” says Torben Dixen Møller to the Helsingør Dagblad.

Kanonsalutterne is not the first, as the royal family because of coronavirusset have had to strike out in the royal calendar this year.

the Royal family were in July, having participated in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Denmark’s reunification with southern Jutland.

Here it was among other things the plan, to the queen and the royal family should have visited the area along the same route as the majesties ‘ grandfather, king Christian X, came 100 years earlier.

the Extension means, however, that the selection in the site will be completed in June 2021, with a royal tour in south Jutland.

It illuminated The Victorian Bureau on Tuesday in a press release.

– In a time when we are all asked to keep distance to each other, has the popular and festive meeting straitened circumstances, said Thomas Andresen, who is the president of the bureau, in the message.

so far, about 400 of the more than 1100 activities in connection with the Reunification canceled or postponed. More are expected to be on the way, says the bureau.

the Queen’s birthday celebration and sommertogt to Aarhus on the 5. and 6. June is also cancelled.

the Cancellation happened on Tuesday as a result of the government’s extension of the ban on large gatherings to 31. august.

Aarhus Municipality plans in place to celebrate the queen in the early summer of 2021.