The 49-Year-old had reached in the Morning to the Everest summit, confirmed his expedition company, Seven Summits Trek. So he broke his own record from the previous year. Kami Rita Sherpa has been working for more than two decades as a mountain guide. In 1994, he ascended for the first Time, with 8848 meters the highest mountain in the world.

“I am not risen to break records, I just worked. Before, I didn’t even know that you can set records,” said the Sherpa, in the last month, before he left for Everest base camp.

The members of the Sherpa-people are for the with the mountaineering industry in Nepal is essential. With their ability to work well in the thin air, in front of you will help paying customers to the summit, prepare routes and carry equipment over the mountains. “Without the help of Sherpas, it would be for many foreigners is impossible, the mountains to climb,” said Ang Tshering Sherpa, the former President of the Nepal mountaineering Association.

this year, has granted Nepal 378 licenses for the Everest climb. Most of the climbers are accompanied by a local guide – this means that in the short Everest season around 750 people are on the narrow path to the summit. It jams threaten.

On the Tibetan side, a further 140 mountain prepare, according to expedition organizers climbers on the Everest conquest. Thus, the last year’s record of 807 people could be broken, the reached the summit.

The rush to the highest mountain in the world has a downside: The crowd brings people in danger, in addition, the mountain behind Steiger, large quantities of garbage and excrement.