Russia’s President Vladimir Putin should hold this post for life. This view on the eve of voting on amendments to the Constitution was expressed by the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

At the meeting with local authorities, Kadyrov said that he sees no alternative to Vladimir Putin. Video fragment of this meeting, the politician has published in his Telegram channel.

“Today who could replace him? There is no such political leader on a global scale,” — said the Chechen leader called for the election of Putin as President for life of Russia.

Kadyrov also noted that none of the 206 amendments to the Constitution cannot be done “for the sake of change”. According to him, the amendments relate to “the strengthening of the state positions,” therefore, any Russian citizen to participate in the voting.

Recall that last week, Vladimir Putin explained the amendment to abolish presidential terms. If not take it, then, according to the Russian leader, “in two years instead of the normal smooth operation on many levels of government will start the roving eyes in search of possible successors”. “We have to work not to look for successors”, – said Putin.

Commenting on this statement, Kadyrov said that he currently does not see the person who could come to replace the current President, and conversations on this topic he called unacceptable. The Chechen leader expressed confidence that Putin needs to run for another term in 2024.

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