The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov rebuked for violation of mask mode working time: the politician visited several enterprises in the Republic without personal protective equipment. The comments appeared in the Instagram account private broadcasting channel “Grozny”, they drew attention to the “Caucasian knot”.

The publication writes that Kadyrov visited the agricultural holding, the stadium “Akhmat-arena”, the Academy of martial arts “Ahmad” and ski resort “Veduchi”. The footage, published by TV channel “Grozny”, it is clear that he walks around the plant and the exhibition of products of agricultural holding without a protective mask.

Subscribers angered this behavior Chechen leader. “Where’s the mask?” — he wrote one. “Increased mask mode, observance of a distance — this is only for ordinary people, they don’t need?” — asked the other. “Masks at home? Fine them all, the disorder,” said the third.

Earlier, in late July, Kadyrov was indignant with behavior of residents of Chechnya, not adhering to the mask mode and social distance. “We have removed the restrictions on the expectation that they will comply with all recommendations of the CPS. But people act as if the disease is not” — said the President of the Republic.

In may there were reports about the possible infection of the coronavirus Kadyrov. According to media reports, the politician was under the supervision of doctors in a Moscow hospital with 70 percent lung involvement. In Chechnya such statements are rejected and reported that Kadyrov is the Republic and his health is all right. A few days later he appeared in public.