the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has demanded to dismiss the officers of the Gudermes district hospital, who complained about the lack of masks, anti-plague suits and other remedies.

“the Provocateurs should be fired, – RIA Novosti quoted Kadyrov during a speech at the session of the government of the Republic. – We have enough of all equipment, costumes, masks.”

He noted that in Chechnya sufficient remedies and medicines not only for our Republic, but also to help neighboring regions.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the message, in which employees of the Gudermes district hospital argued that the establishment of pereprofilirovanie for adoption patients COVID-19, but they are not provided with protection and the administration of the facility in response to their claim, crudely drawn with colleagues.

After the publication of the records and conducted the test dismissed the head physician of the hospital. It turned out that the management of the institution improperly briefed staff on the preparations associated with conversion of c hospitals, as well as the presence of protective equipment.

Later, the authors of messages in social networks, nurses and doctors at the hospital, acknowledged the groundlessness of their complaints, noting that he jumped to conclusions because he was scared and did not know about the inventory of respirators and other medical products.

According to the latest data of the regional Ministry of health in Chechnya revealed the 918 cases of coronavirus. Of these, 529 people were cured, ten died.