The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has demanded from President Vladimir Zelensky brought to confirm his earlier apology. The corresponding statement he published in his Telegram channel.

"I knew Zelensky as the man who admitted his guilt, had the honor to apologize. It was worthy of a man. But why only now trying to portray itself as something to play up, to wag, to try to elevate themselves? Now, You received the powers of the President of Ukraine, every time come up with a new version. You will have to firmly define their position and confirm their apology. If not, then You will have to answer to me" — he wrote.

So Kadyrov responded to an excerpt from an interview with Dmitry Zelensky Gordon, taken a year and a half ago. In this, the Ukrainian leader said that in one show Studio "Quarter 95" showed footage of a crying Kadyrov.

After that, Zelensky, he said, asked whether this situation is ambiguously perceived by Muslims. In response, the head of Ukraine said that sorry if this video hurt someone’s religious feelings.

In his message, Kadyrov also said that Zelensky dishonest, not only in their words but in the pre-election promises. For example, the conflict in the Donbass, which he promised to end, continues to this day. The head of Chechnya said that before the Nations of Russia and Ukraine could not allow even the thought that they will share war.

"Times have changed, now overseas will allow our Ukrainian brothers to kill the Russian people in Donetsk and Lugansk" — he wrote.

In the end, Kadyrov urged the Ukrainian leader to take the first step to building good-neighborly relations between Moscow and Kiev.

"Be a man, always keep your word," he concluded.

Last year, Ukrainian media reported that in the fall of 2014 Zelensky tried to apologize to Kadyrov. It was reported that he appealed to the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Evdokimov, because he feared for his life. The office helped arrange a meeting with Zelensky Deputy interior Minister of Chechnya and the head of the regional Ministry. Allowed as his meeting with Kadyrov himself, however, Zelensky refused to go to Chechnya, which "settling" went slave Evdokimov Yuri Arenac.