Ramzan Kadyrov has called “the deal of the century”, proposed by trump as a way to resolve the situation in the middle East, “a crime against the entire Muslim world”, roughly violates international law.

the Head of Chechnya made his statement during a meeting with Mahmoud al-Habosem, Advisor to the Palestinian President, who arrived in Grozny on a visit. During the talks, the sides discussed economic cooperation, development of cultural and spiritual ties. In addition, Palestine and Chechnya are planning to sign the agreement on religious tourism. Pilgrims from Chechnya will be able to visit the Palestinian shrines on a regular basis.

Kadyrov and al-Habash agreed that the actions of the West contribute to the widening conflict in Muslim countries. The lack of unity of the peoples and leaders of these countries are fertile ground for the escalation of the middle East crisis, RIA Novosti reported.

trump has offered the “deal of the century” in late January 2020. According to his plan, recognizes Jerusalem United and undivided capital of Israel. Israel can Annex the territory of Palestine in the West Bank and to extend its sovereignty over the Jordan valley. In addition, the plan prescribed the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state. Such a state cannot control its borders and airspace, and its capital will be the village of Abu Dis on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Palestine and the Arab League rejected the trump proposal as non-compliant with UN resolutions. The unrest in Palestine after scoring the American President “deal of the century” became almost daily.