Euro-Airport Basel-Mulhouse. The plane-Work run. Since 2007, the Mega-group Amac Aerospace, under the leadership of Kadri Muhiddin (62) in order to build here, ordinary big space plane in real bigwigs-Jets. A profitable business, especially its customer spare for the luxury of a cent.

And customers can see. “With heads of state, politicians or kings, I’m often personally,” says Muhiddin in an interview with the “Handelszeitung”. Up to 200 million of these their extravagant wishes cost. “Airplanes are not for you rare status symbols.” So also for the Sheikh of Qatar, of a machine in the value of half a billion donated – built Turkish President Erdogan (65) in Basel, Switzerland.

No Pools in the planes

case window order so far: The entire cargo space of a Boeing 747 should be to a nightclub. For a multi-million amount in the double-digit range Muhiddin fulfilling its customers ‘ dream. But all the requests he is not able to realize: “swimming pools in the plane we have to reject, unfortunately.” Spill-over water – for example, in steep turns or in turbulence – was too dangerous.

sit up and take notice of the Amac-Aerospace, is-Boss with a different statement: “people with a lot of assets are price conscious. It is also haggling over the price.”

Muhiddin, the Spartans

enjoys rarely as much comfort as he gives it to his customers. He don’t need a luxury in the aircraft, he says. His personal Jet is in comparison to his orders, Spartan.

Fought like a Spartan Muhiddin has on his life: From a middle class family in the Lebanon native, he graduated from an engineering degree in London. After that, he worked for Kuwait Airways. The breakthrough came in 1990 with the founding of the company “Gamit”, which manufactures spare parts for aircraft. A Golden touch of the “self-made man proved” finally, 12 years ago, when he called the project Amac Aerospace to life.

The political situation is delicate

The majority of its annual turnover of 300 million Swiss francs Muhiddin makes with customers from the Middle East. There, there are regular tensions. “The situation is, and remains, a risk,” the 62-Year-old aware of. But he remains positive: Amac Aerospace have customers from America, Africa and Asia.

Despite these uncertainties, the company has traditionally recorded gains. Long ago, it has become the global market leader in the area of Completion and Maintenance in the High-End Segment. And an end to growth is not in sight: “It looks as if the market will grow after the crisis in 2017.”

Only the lack of space at the airport, Basel-Mulhouse, the plans could be. The newly built fifth Hangar, the space is used up slowly.