The 25-year-old pop star Justin Bieber, who right now is current in the YouTube documentary ‘Season’, which deals with his life, reveal intimate details about her marriage to the 23-year-old model Hailey Baldwin.

It makes during an intimate concert in the O2 Arena in London, writes the Mirror.

Here is a fan who asks what he’s doing when he relaxes, and to it corresponds Justin Bieber, it depends on who he is with.

“When I’m with my wife, yes, there can almost guess what we’re doing throughout the day. It becomes a game sometimes,” says Justin Bieber, and continues:

“Yes, it is, in fact, what we are doing, to be honest. We also like to watch movies. Netflix and chill. We make most chill part.”

Justin Biber and Hailey Baldwin, who began dating in 2016, were married during a private ceremony in New York in september 2018.

They had renewed their vows again in October, where they had invited families and friends.

Justin Bieber reveals during the concert, that it is not always easy to be married.

He said that a marriage requires work, and advised his fans to be married, if they were willing to work for it.

Justin Bieber tells on how his depression, borrelia and drug abuse has affected his new album, ‘Changes’, which is published on the 14. February. The singer’s last album, ‘Purpose’, was released in 2015.

He hopes that the new album will give people an understanding of how he has had it.

It has to be ‘tough year’, he concludes.