Justin Bieber

the other day 26-year-old famous canadian singer Justin Bieber was an unwitting participant in a sex scandal: two girls, whose real names were not disclosed, accused him of sexual violence, making statements in social networks. The musician not only responded to the accusations of one of them, but decided to sue them. It is reported that Bieber filed a libel suit for $ 20 million.

According to lawyers of the singer, all charges against him in the case “virtually impossible and refuted, as undeniable documentary evidence and their own confessions of individuals.” So, one of the girls claimed to have been sexually abused by singer at the Four Seasons hotel on March 9, 2014, but the singer didn’t stop, I can confirm the witnesses and documentary evidence.

She just made that story up because it was publicly reported that Bieber had dinner at Four Seasons restaurant on March 10, 2014, so she assumed that Justin was staying in a hotel. However, despite the fact that he visited the restaurant, he did not stop at the Four Seasons hotel,

say his lawyers.

Bieber has presented the documents confirming that in those days he slept in a different hotel with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

the Other girl claimed that the singer raped her on the 5th may 2015 at the Langham hotel in new York. But these accusations were denied by the singer’s lawyers, saying that the accuser is a big fan of Bieber, who “desperately wants to meet him and desperately wants his attention and glory,” and the singer that day was at the Met Gala after-party that can confirm a large number of witnesses.

In the lawsuit filed by lawyers for the singer, it is also noted that the women probably acted together, as they are published on Twitter appeared around the same time. It should be noted that after the public response, Bieber one of the girls, her Twitter account was deleted.