the most Important information to “Just Cause 4” platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One Release 4.12.2018 (Switzerland) price 69.90 francs (PC) on Steam, 69.90 francs (PS4) PSN, 70 Swiss francs (Xbox One) on Xbox live age from 18 years of age Overview: Wherefore, in “Just Cause 4”

His new adventure action hero Rico Rodriguez in the fictional South American banana Republic Solis. The black Hand swings – the private army of the dictator Gabriela Morales – the scepter, to the chagrin of the oppressed population. And so Rico is doing what he does best: Massive wreak havoc, and by the way, the authoritarian ruler from the throne push. However, in the new game, only countless mercenaries, but also extreme weather phenomena such as Thunderstorms and hurricanes, will not stand in his way.

Trailer for “Just Cause 4”

The us. “Just Cause 4” like Spectacular Action

As the worlds in the previous editions, also Solis offers countless opportunities for spectacular action scenes So are to be found at all corners and Ends of the explosive barrels and gas tanks, just waiting to fly in a spectacular Explosion, including a gigantic cloud of smoke in the air. The possibility to hijack an enemy helicopter and shoot enemy aircraft or drones from the sky, endless Fun. New unlocked weapons, vehicles, or even passenger jets can call Rico within seconds by Express air. So the player can do many spectacular and incredibly stupid but equally hilarious things.

New features for the gripping hook

Already in the last game, Rico was able to connect with his grappling hook items to each other and at the push of a button. So opponents could be, for example, quickly to the next wall stick. In the new game enemies and Items to go well with the balloons were in the air. Or they are accelerated and forced a push to the front. This allows for many new ways to interact with the environment.

Welcoming the world

The whole environment of “Just Cause 4” is with 1024 virtual square kilometers is huge, and has – thanks to a few by the sea-covered areas, the largest land mass of all the series parts. Also visually the environment is shown in greater detail than in previous Games. Particularly from the air, the Game for his Size, looks, sometimes, thanks to the remote view is superb. Combined with the usually prevailing sunshine you imagine yourself while playing more often, like on vacation in a tropical Paradise.

The us missions annoyed from the design hell

accompanying the orders with more bad than good from the game-controlled figures? Guarding of computer terminals against countless waves of Enemies? Or tasks, in which will be set with a Countdown under the pressure of time? These often than annoying-felt mission types have one thing in common: they all have their appearance in “Just Cause 4”. In high regularity during the main campaign. Here, we would have liked the tasks, which would have underlined more the fun elements of the game – creating giant explosions. But, at the latest, if you have to sink for the third Time within a tight five minutes to ten, with bombs equipped cars in the sea, can definitely pay frustration.

– control with quirks

No improvement in the control of certain game elements. Especially the Wingsuit can hardly be decent by the environment and navigate, so that you can during the gliding flight, at the best equal to the whole of the hands from the Controller. But also the car and the boat control act spongy. Especially on the water, you change ends often seamlessly from a light steering to a hard curve, often in an involuntary U-Turn.


a rare exuberant fun, and the impulse to throw the Controller in the next corner, so close to each other as in “Just Cause 4”. Joy, if you have caused a spectacular Explosion, or a helicopter from the sky shot. Frustration, if you screwed up because of tenths of seconds a task with a Countdown. And the guilt can push it up on the inaccurate control, or some Bugs. Especially when the mission design we want for any the next part of new ideas – or at least, that the focus is more on the fun the destruction of the environment as well as on the support of a very oddly behaving characters.

rating: 7 out of 10 huge black clouds of smoke