someone still Has a question about Corona? You’d think with the current Multi-Channel-Around-the-clock coverage had answered all the questions more than. But, given every hour, new Figures, facts and Fake News, the number of open issues is increasing, apparently similar to that of infections: Is the neighbor also the kind of family member? Yeast is the new toilet paper? And who is harvesting our asparagus?

Söder as a Corona-champion

Pro Seven has therefore charged to the Live-FAQ, and a panel of experts composed of a virologist Alexander Kekulé is for the medical Ensure responsible, psychotherapist Beate Leinberger for the emotional and psychological needs, and the “cave of the lion”-Juror Frank Thelen takes on the burning topic of Startup. For the policy of Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, has taken in a reasonable distance to a Moderator Stefan Gödde place. Because the SPD does not want to leave again, the CSU, the role as a Corona pioneer, will be Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz switched on. Screenshot Prosieben Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, “Germany asks to Corona”

From each corner of a expert, any questions via Skype and WhatsApp, and a couple of nice Explanatory Clips: had thought So easy in a Seven well-being. Soon, however, it turns out: talk show is not for beginners. And that is to understand not only because, thanks to the lack of network capacity at almost every Live question, the question is hardly. So offline, Germany is: this leads us to the crisis.

In the confusion of the information

more Severe than the technical problems of the structural weigh. Abi exams, the opening of the borders, protect festivals in June: The questions of the audience jumping wild in the Rectangle, so that issues ticks only, but not exhaustive, can be treated. The viewer tries in front of the TV, however, to catch in between all the flying Info-nuggets for those New to transport.

The switched-spectators bring your personal destiny: A restaurateur in front of the Bust, a head of nursing care without rapid testing, a seller with no hazard pay in the workplace. Not most matters, the Minister of Finance Scholz contribute much more than compassion and a tireless List of the national rescue measures. If you have further questions, please contact the Federal employment Agency or the credit Bank of your choice.

just before he leaves the broadcast, turns on Söder in the Registrar mode

Expertly, however, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder uses the favor of the hour: A freelance midwife about would like to know why it was not classified as system-relevant. “If you were in Bavaria, the situation would be easier,” says Söder. “In our system are the midwives, of course, relevant.” Whether this has helped the caller? No matter. The main thing, it gave Bayern a good feeling.

Before Söder unfortunately have to leave to the experts-round early, it will switch quickly to Chancellor candidate mode. The nightmare scenario that he paints on the wall, this is a country that is not economically fast enough on the feet. His biggest concern was that “we” – and he is not referring to this time, only Bayern “are to acquisition candidates.” Because it could give countries the “fast come out from the crisis and start, half of Europe to buy up.”

“Insane concern for our Europe”

in Addition, Söder “is insane to Worry about our Europe – everyone reacts so extremely to the nation-state”. Well, also Germany was forbidden until Recently, the export of respiratory masks and other protective equipment, but Stefan Gödde does not want to remember seem to prefer. “There will be a day after that,” warns Söder country paternal. A day that we “look superior, like the world – economically, but also socially”. FOCUS Online

Olaf Scholz’s gone, duty calls loudly. But he explained that currently no one knows when the public life journey will take. “We are going to discuss all the time with experts,” he promises. The decision depends on whether you have achieved what you wanted to achieve with the measures: a slowdown in the spread of the infection, a massive Expansion of treatment options in hospitals and the protection of the COVID-19 vulnerable layers of the population.

mask of self-crafting – also helps

This is not a definitive date, but at least it is a statement. In addition, useful game is in the two-hour question-and-answer-in fact, only the comments made by virologist Alexander Kekulé, regarding the transmission routes of the Virus: It travels mainly through the air from person to person, which is why the adherence to the Two-metre distance should be washing more important than regular hand. And, Yes, even the self-made mask was a “very, very good protection”. And fashionable is even better than the purchased. Screenshot Prosieben virologist Alexander Kekulé, “Germany asks to Corona”

About toilet paper and other psychological side effects of the Corona-Virus was not spoken, at least you are allowed to keep “Germany asks to Corona” benefit. All the other questions that appear to be broken deluge-like over a Seven-in, you’ll have to arrange now, “and to the experts forward,” promises Stefan Gödde. The idea someone could have come earlier. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease