NPR has raced to retract an election night tweet calling Vermont in Joe Biden’s favor, reporting that the state has 38 Electoral College votes up for grabs, far higher than the actual number – three. The post was quickly scrubbed.

The outlet reported that the Democratic nominee took Vermont in a tweet on Tuesday night, citing a race call by the Associated Press, however something was amiss with the graphic attached to the post. Vermont’s three electoral votes had multiplied more than tenfold to 38, prompting a swift correction from NPR and a wave of mockery from netizens, some noting the figure was “just a little off.”

Correction from us here: Vermont has 3 electoral votes, not 38.Joe Biden won the state, according to an AP race call. More presidential results:

Just a little off

Nevermind, TX. We’re good. Vermont is coming in hot this election with 38 (?!) electoral votes.

Others reacted to the “news” with enthusiasm, insisting there could be “no take backs” and that Vermont – which “identifies as a big state” – had become an “electoral whale” thanks to NPR’s errant tweet.

NO TAKE BACKS, NPR!Vermont is now worth 38! Woo hoo!

Forget Florida and Georgia! According to NPR #BidenHarris2020 just landed the electoral whale that is Vermont!! 🤔🤨

Vermont identifies as a big state, so it’s okay… 🤣

While the slip-up was most likely a simple typo, some commentators were not ready to let the outlet – or at least its graphics team – live down the mistake, recalling that the “internet is forever.”

The internet is forever.

Now deleted, but NPR thought Vermont had 38 electoral votes. (your tax dollars pay for them)

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