The message is clear. With the Slogan “Choose Ruedi Noser in the Council of States” to advertise five of the seven Zurich government councils in an advertisement for the re-election of the FDP of States. Only Martin Neukom (33, Green) and Jacqueline Fehr (56, SP) is searched on the image in vain.

The offensive on election advertising in the Zurich government in the middle of the Council of States, the race makes for resentment. “The advertisement gives the impression that the government would make as the overall body for Ruedi Noser,” says Anna Luna woman for an intimate (21), Co-President of the Juso Zurich. “Leading the population astray.” The Juso has filed a voting rights complaint.

Delicate approach

In fact, the senior civil servants move on with their choice recommendation on thin ice. The Federal court says that a single government should also Express members in the election campaign freely. It is not permissible, however, if the local councillors give the impression that it was your Statements to an “official pronouncement of a collegial authority”, the Federal court.

“the actions of the local councillors is not forbidden”, says legal scholar Lawrence Langer (44) of the University of Zurich. He assume that an average politically interested citizens recognize that the advertisement is not the total government take the stand. “Tricky would it be if the local councillors would with an official seal for Noser advertise or the photo would have been taken up in the meeting room of the governing Council,” said Long.

“government is designed to fail to view behavior”

The Juso sees it differently. You want to achieve with your complaint that the local councillors of the Carmen Walker Späh (61, FDP) Ernst Stocker (64 SVP), Mario Fehr (61, SP), Silvia Steiner (61, CVP) and Nathalie Rickli (SVP, 42) dissociate officially from your choice of recommendation. “We demand that the local councillors to see your misconduct, and in the future, neutral behavior,” says Ms. lush.