you want to be on Saturday new Juso-Head: The Basel bidder Ronja Jansen (24) to Tamara Funiciello (29) inherit, which gives the office as the youngest provocateur.

But Jansen is Funiciello in terms of provocation in nothing: a Few days before the crucial election, to the start of the against the Sensitivity to Mia Jenni (24), launched in Jansen a claim with explosive force: “The big banks UBS and CS need to be nationalized, so that the work can influence population finally, the investments made with your money,” she says to VIEW.

climate change on the financial space

Jansen fight bothers mainly due to the fact that the Swiss financial centre contributes massively to climate change: “investments made in Switzerland as many greenhouse gas emissions as in Switzerland, cause to be poking 22 Times by himself,” she says.

Alone, CS and UBS have in the year 2017, with an output of more than 90 million tons of CO2-Equivalent funded – twice as much as Switzerland emits. “A consistent climate policy, therefore, requires radical changes in the financial sector,” says Jansen.

Not all of the shareholders should be compensated

A nationalization would mean an expropriation of the shareholders. Jansen wants at least the small and medium share holders will be compensated – by the national Bank or the Federal government.

it was possible, she says, and points to the UBS bailout in 2008. “At that time, the SNB pumped 60 billion Swiss francs in the rescue of UBS. A nationalization of the Credit Suisse and the UBS, and the compensation of the shareholders is, therefore, comparable.”

the basis of democratically-run public banks

But who should then have the heads of big banks Say that? Here, too, Jansen has a socialist answer: a democratically elected Council, composed of civil society and workforce. This should then provide for eco-friendly investments. “In addition, at least 30 percent of the members of the Council should be under 30 years of age. Because it is the young Generation that must bear most of the consequences of climate change.”

In the economy and in politics – even in the case of many Enjoyed – is expected to Jansen crops, with their demands not more than a shake of the head. However, at the Juso-delegates, you could fly to the heart.

climate-damaging pension funds, abolish

On the SP line, however, another suggestion is: Jansen also wants that the pension funds (PK) be abolished in favor of the AHV. Because even a big part of the PK plants flow in fossil fuel investments and businesses that would fuel climate change, massively. “The security of our retirement is linked to climate-damaging investments, is not only contradictory, but is absolutely unacceptable,” says Jansen.