Actually, everything was already in place: According to the joint participation of singer Michael Wendler (47) and his young girlfriend Laura Müller (19) in the “summer home of the Stars” should stand as a next step, a jungle camp visit for the young woman on the program. A contract between the production company and had already been signed.

But a day after the rumor appeared for the first Time, she made a u-turn and said on Instagram, you don’t become part of the Trash TV Format, even though you’ve received an offer. “I’ve Decided not to be in the Format “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” to participate,” she wrote. Reasons for the cancellation Müller is not called.

The Ex should write to blame for the backtrack.

As the German “Bild”newspaper, should have asked the production company ITV at the same time, the Ex-girlfriend of Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg (48), for a participation. The ex-girlfriend and current love at the same time on a confined space in the jungle, under nerve-wracking conditions – because of the war, and tears would have been Bitching-as well as safe. A spectacle for the TV viewers, but the idea of Michael Wendler, who was in the year 2014, part of the RTL broadcast was too much. Therefore, he made the responsible choice: Either the Treaty will be resolved, or his Ex should not move into the jungle camp.

result: Only Norberg to remain in January to travel to Australia, Miller (at least for this season) for your loved one. RTL is not commenting on the report, but one thing is for sure: the Wendler-Ex Claudia Norberg will have to tell at the campfire between snakes and cockroaches a lot to. (imh)