“I can’t imagine it would be legal just how to deliver people’s packages at the home of private individuals. But it is apparently it.”

so says journalist and blogger Julie-Billy Crone Johannesen, who on Saturday got a message from leveringsfirmaet Bring about, that she could pick up her package at a ‘package-neighbor’.

the Hallway before she had been told to retrieve his package from a baker who was 22 kilometers from her home.

“This time there was apparently no room in the bakery, so it had been handed in a so-called package-neighbor. Just where it’s not a neighbor, but a living 16 kilometres away. So I’m going to a private party and pick up my package,” says Julie-Billy Crone Johannesen.

the Whole situation seemed so far out, she chose to make a story for its more than of 43,000 Instagram followers to vent his thoughts.

“In my story I told then, to Bring is my favorite udbringningsselskab, for even if they don’t deliver on time or where you have asked for, so, however, it is an adventure you should embark on to get hold of his package,” says Julie-Billy Crone Johannesen.

She tells that the plan is to take a person out to pick up the package.

“I do not come to take the alone out of the package-neighbor. Either my boyfriend or my dad to take. There are also several on Instagram, who have asked whether they should download it for me, or whether they need to take with you, so I can feel at ease when I pick up my package. I have so said no to that,” laughing, she adds that it is especially in these times also may feel a little funny having to go home to a stranger:

“I know not what the conditions are in relation to everything here corona-hoist. When downloading a package in the Referendum, is that the put a screen up. I am not from, they have done at home. So I must go out and be in contact with another human being, at least.”

Julie-Billy Crone Johannsen works it all just a bit confusing, which is why she is also considering just to let the package lie flat at the ‘package-neighbor’.

“This is a pair of pink Converse, because I am apparently 12 years old inside, so I have indeed considered whether or not I should just forget about the package and let be to download it, and then it is well sent back to the company where I’m thinking, I’m getting some money back, and if I do not, it must be it.”

Per Buus, who is sales manager of the Bring in Denmark, says that since the autumn has used ‘package-neighbors’, but it is still done on a trial basis.

And the feedback on their new system has been mixed, he says:

“Some people have been very satisfied with it, and then there are others that are a little bit skeptical. Not of the corona-reasons, but more because they think it is a bit artificial to download a package from a person, you think, not just the person you want to go in to. We just have to be completely honest about this. It has been a little mixed, how the reactions have been.”

What are your thoughts about that In, in principle, forcing people to download from a private individual? They surely have no other options, once it is there?

“No, but it has also been one of the things we have found out. If we are going to continue to do it, so the customer must have an opportunity to move his package, if you do not want to download it in a package-neighbor. We have talked about, that it should be possible to move it.”

How do you ensure you that it is safe for the customers? I’m thinking here, specifically, while there is corona.

“those individuals are directed, like all of our pakkeshops in that they must comply with all the rules from the authorities, that you have to have good hygiene and that sort of thing. Really it should be just as safe as if you go down and fetch in one of our pakkeshops.”

Have the opportunity to follow up?

“It is not that we are out every second day and check if they have it. However, if we receive inquiries from someone who does not believe that the hygiene is in order, so we will investigate it of course.”

Now where In the call it a package-a neighbor, it should not be the one that lived close? Part, I have spoken with, was 16 kilometers away to pick up his package.

“Yes, it sounds a little special. Package-neighbor, it sounds like something you should be able to walk or cycle.”