Julian Schnabel just landed in Zurich. From the airport we went to the luxury hotel Dolder, where the artist and Director, with his wife, Louise ball mountain (33) for a night descends. Now the Americans sitting in the fireplace room of the Villa Tobler, a neoclassical building owned by the art house, and proposes, the only lamp that is lit here, turn off. “I love the darkness,” says Beak, wearing a promotional T-Shirt of his own surf club. He can convince him that it would be nice to see the Interview on the occasion of his new film “On the threshold of eternity” to each other and are, therefore, even his tinted sunglasses.

five years Ago. I was looking for Scandinavian furniture – Louise interior designer and specialist in this field. Later, they crafted some of my exhibitions. So really we met when you helped me with my new Film.

she knows good with computers. As I had to wait three months for the official Editor, you install the editing application. After three days, she had a handle on it. The fact that they cut the first part, has directed the Film substantially in one direction.

I can’t deny it. That Louise is pretty, I’ll take her anyway, not bad.

no, my children are easily influenced by art, because they grew up with it. My other daughter Lola is a painter and filmmaker. My son Cy writes very well, and his twin brother Olmo has collected first experiences as a Director. Vito was not interested in up to fourteen at all for art. Today, he has a lot of passion for his Job and does it very well. My children seem to see the world through my eyes. At least parts of the world.

Van Gogh said: “I am my pictures.” I say: “I am my films.” What the audience sees, is my idea of how van Gogh saw the world. What we have as a painter, however in common, We see things in small Parts.

When I look at you, I see your face in fragments. I respect myself and on things like the shape of your nose, and the shadow you throw.

his, my. Our hands are fortunately similar. In movies, the viewer does not see the act of painting usually. It is usually shown only the face of the actor, then there is a cut, and you see the work of art.

The images in the Background have made people from the film team for me. The images that are part of a scene, myself.

Nothing of the sort, because if you look at the images up Close, you realize that there are no originals. In the case of the larger portraits I’ve painted for the Film, we see the faces of the actors. So the self-portrait of van Gogh is not of himself, but Willem Dafoe.

Yes, I gave it to him. But not before I had made other versions of it. Also, van Gogh has painted pictures of his paintings. “Fifteen sunflowers”, there are, for example, three versions.

The way he broke the surface with the colors and the individual strokes visible. People didn’t like it at the time disturbing, because it looked real to her. Apparently, the whole was 19. Century blind, because van Gogh’s images are as direct and clear as no other. In the Kunsthaus here in Zurich, the famous work “man with a pipe”, painted by van Gogh of depends, shortly after he section from despair over a dispute with Gauguin, the ear. The image just screams from the wall on which it hangs.

For each artist, what he himself makes is the only truth. Everything else there is to criticize – even alone, because it exists. This is not to say, however, that no friendships will develop. I have very many artists among the people, who are close to me.

This is now summarized a bit too much. He also had large bad luck. A concatenation of unfortunate circumstances has accumulated to a disaster.

they were afraid of him, because he was obsessed with his work and not with his Exterior was concerned. He was non-compliant. In a small French town such as Arles, anyone noticed how he is.

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: “I don’t care what I eat, as long as it’s the same thing every day.” I look sometimes, like a Patient escaped from the hospital.

My Ex-wife has made for me. Me is not easy to throw me in a Cup. If I wear to the Oscars in a Tuxedo, I’m just not a turmoil to trigger.

As an artist, it reveals the life of his soul, and lets in foreign people practically in his living room. I can still remember when I presented at the film festival in Cannes, my Film “Before Night Falls” or it was “Basquiat”? – no matter. I wore at least under a blue jacket and a white pajama, what struck anyone. When I moved out in the dark room, the jacket, and me with 2000 people in my Film looked, felt damn comfortable.

we Say it like this: As a Director I have never earn money. That was never my goal. Also an artist, I was not to earn money.

Tom Waits sings in a Song: “Money’s just something you throw
off the back of a train” (dt.: Money is just something you throw from the back of the train). For me, it is the root of all Evil.

I took him to build – to create something with money, is something else than to buy something with it. If I would be fixed to Earn, I don’t want to be an artist, although my parents were against it.

When I was fifteen, moved my family because of the business of my father at the Mexican border. He was, among other things, with Second-hand fashion, with meat and owned coffee shops. He had nothing to do with art on the hat and was Worried because I was interested in. When I started as a cook in a Restaurant, to work, to fight my way through, he thought I was completely insane.

Julian Schnabel portrayed Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) in his fifth feature film “On the threshold of eternity” (in the cinema) as a sensitive soul in search of recognition.
Willem Dafoe (63) plays the co-founder of the modern painting as dramatic as it deserves to be this historical figure, and takes the audience on a psychedelic Trip and on the verge of madness. Partially esoteric, but it works in this respect, well, that just gives an idea of what went on in van Gogh’s head. An artist how to understand him, would take his work the magic. The big Plus of the film is the depiction of the actual acts of painting.