Julia Selezneva broke the women's record for distance flight in a hot air balloon

a Female crew consisting of pilots Yulia Selezneva (Moscow) and Galina Stegalina (Great Luke) on the balloon AH-8 “Alice” set a new national women’s record for distance flight.

the Flight took place in the framework of the challenge Cup “SharNN” held in Nizhny Novgorod.

“Ballooning extends” – each year this phrase has takes on new meaning to me. A couple of years ago, I never imagined that I could fly in a balloon more than a hundred kilometers. And talking about spending almost ten hours in the basket, in my presence at all it was better not to have…

And so it happened. Together with the healds Segalini in 9 hours 59 minutes 06 seconds, we overcame 470 km and 207 m of air path. To the question “How was the flight?” I want to say “easy”, but this is not true. Not easy, but, oddly enough, and not hard. Stress – Yes, but not hard. On the fifth hour of the flight, sing the songs, the Soviet began. They perfectly Express the delight of the endless fields and vast forests, snow-white sails of the clouds and the snow-swept beauty of the Volga, give energy, and martial enthusiasm of the singing (the sound of the burner, however, voice is difficult to block, but this is detail)” – describes the flight of Julia on his page on facebook.

currently, Julia Selezneva and her partner are expecting the record.