Atakan Karazor from VfB Stuttgart remains in custody in Ibiza on charges of rape. The judge denied an application for release on bail. The process could drag on for several months.

VfB professional still in custody: Stuttgart midfielder Atakan Karazor (25) remains in custody in Ibiza on charges of rape. After a court hearing, the judge declined to release her on bail. This is reported by “Bild”. The justice spokeswoman for the Balearic Islands said: “The preliminary investigation can take weeks or months.”

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Serious allegations against Karazor: Karazor and his friend Jaskaran T.D. (25) were arrested in Ibiza last Thursday. He is accused of raping an 18-year-old Spanish woman. According to Karazor’s statement, there was sexual intercourse after joint visits to the disco, but it was consensual.

Witness cries after testimony: A witness who is said to have accompanied the allegedly injured party that evening stated in court that there had been no violence. That might relieve Karazor. After testifying, accompanied by her social worker, the witness burst into tears.

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