Judge on call

“the Courts recommended in the presence of technical possibility to initiate cases through the use of video-conferencing, – said Victor Momotov. – Taking into account the specific circumstances of the case and with the consent of the court allowed the cases using online services, providing a possibility to establish the identity of the participant in the process and the exercise of procedural rights established by law.”

As explained by the head of the Council of judges, the participants of the process should be able to give explanations, to present their arguments and objections on all matters arising in the course of the hearing. To submit petitions, ask questions of other persons participating in the case, to participate in the examination of evidence, etc., continues Victor Momotov.

the First meeting with the messengers have already passed.

As reported, the first meeting, where people in robes decided the case using the messenger, took place in Sverdlovsk region. There one of the businessmen attracted to administrative responsibility for the fact that his café was working in spite of restrictions.

Experience long remained unique. On the eve of the Vologda regional court has satisfied the petition of the victim for participation in the hearing through WhatsApp. The court considered the appeal of a citizen, convicted by the court of first instance for robbery.

As they say in court, in connection with the introduction on the territory of the Vologda region, the regime of isolation of the victim asked about participation in the hearing through a video call via messenger WhatsApp. The court took into account the request of the participant of the process and technically organized this opportunity.

“This is our first experience, – the Chairman of the Vologda regional court Igor Trofimov. – In difficult conditions combat the coronavirus, the courts are looking at new ways to help citizens to realize their procedural rights, including a remote”.

In this case on the basis of the appeal review the sentence of Sokolsky district court is left without change, the appeal complaint – without satisfaction.

“We have opened “a hot line” on which you can contact through phone, instant messengers and Facebook and receive information about the work of the courts during the period of quarantine, – says Igor Trofimov. – In the regional court, we plan to continue to use WhatsApp, including for receiving various complaints from the process. Not everyone has a computer at home. But I think many people will be able to write on a piece of paper the petition, for example, on the proceedings in his absence or adjourn a court session, take a picture and send it via messenger to the court. This method is simple, convenient and Pont��pleasing for most. All these measures will certainly enhance the possibility of citizens ‘participation in the proceedings and will not violate the isolation”.

it is Curious that in these days we celebrate the anniversary: 20 years ago, on 19 April 2000, Russia was held the first court to use video conferencing. The meeting, held in the Supreme court, was attended by inmates from the detention center. Continuous session of the Supreme court of Russia – SIZO No. 3 in Moscow lasted about three hours. Court considered three criminal cases. As told the head of Department of Informatization and communications of the Supreme court Sergey Kryukov, today the judicial system in a day spends more than 1.5 thousand trial by video-conferencing.