Great honor for the views of the group: Fabian Eberhard, a Reporter for the Sunday views, receives for his series of articles on Swiss weapons in time of war, the price of the Zurich-based journalists.

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“Fabian Eberhard revealed how the Swiss weapons in the hands of the war parties came,” writes the Jury. In addition, his research had a political impact by not contributing to it, that it came to a loosening of the rules for arms exports.

In fact: Fabian Eberhard’s research were not in common with other articles of one of the decisive factors, that the Federal Council yielded to the arms companies. They demanded to be allowed in the future weapons in the countries of export where there is a civil war. Fabian Eberhard showed with his articles that the terrorist IS militia – were also in the wrong hands – for example, in the.

One of the most prestigious prices Switzerland

The other award winners are the publicist Klara Obermüller, Reto Schneider, Editor of the “NZZ Folio”, and Claudia Rey, sports editor of the “NZZ”. The Newcomer award goes to Kevin Brühlmann, Editor at the “Schaffhauser AZ”.

The Zurich journalist award is one of the most prestigious awards for journalism in Switzerland. He has been awarded since 1981. Each of the four awarded main prize is endowed with 10’000 Swiss francs, of the 2018 created Newcomer’s prize of 3000 francs. To be awarded the overall works, as well as outstanding and groundbreaking Work, regardless of whether they were distributed through a newspaper, magazine or Online channel. The views of the group congratulates Fabian Eberhard and the other prize-winners welcome!

Here you will find the excellent article by Fabian Eberhard:

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