Elman Pashayev has categorically rejected accusations that he has on Michael Ephraim “hypnotic”.

“I have a lot of pressure? What Efremov — child? I in any case can not and have no right to pressure him. If he did not agree with my position, he would have told me. I’m with him still, discuss!” he said

He also suggested that all the advisers who tell the actor how to behave in this situation, to speak less, and to take and to provide real assistance.

“If every squirrel wants to impose his services, I don’t mind. Who wants to go ahead. It is not necessary to speak — to do.”

Pashayev also said he did not believe the journalists who wrote that Ivan Okhlobystin called it insidious “hypnotist”.

“Journalists are also handsome, they need hype to catch. It’s all in their imagination. I don’t believe that Ivan Okhlobystin, intelligent, competent, decent man, could say such a thing. I’ll listen to his speeches, that’s actually my favorite actor”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Mikhail Efremov, first admitted his guilt in the accident, and then retracted his words.

The lawyer of the artist Elman Pashayev insists that the driver of the car was not Yefremov, and his remorse after the incident means only a recognition of the fact that he owns involved in the accident car.