In social networks there was footage of the mass protests in Seattle, where residents took to the streets together with activists of the movement for the rights of blacks Black Lives Matter. The demonstrators did not resemble fighters and came to the event with umbrellas.

The footage shows that journalists are sick of the gas used by the police, the guards are actively pursuing and attacking the protesters.

“Atmospheric stream from Seattle: In the lower right window of the journalists are sick of tear gas, in the upper right – knit protesters in other demonstrations and the police,” writes the author.

The Seattle police Department claimed dozens arrested and 21 wounded officer as a result of unrest in the Eastern district, which occurred the day before.

U.S. attorney General: the protests in America is influenced by foreign forces

They noted that in a few hours, large crowds of demonstrators walked through the city, throwing bricks at police, stones and firecrackers.

Protesters also broke Windows and damaged cars near the courthouse in king County. Near the police station Seattle, they detonated an improvised explosive device of small capacity. One of the walls of the building was dilapidated.

The police claim to have used pepper spray but did not use CS (tear gas).

Only the police made 45 arrests, accusing the demonstrators in illegal rallies, assaulting law enforcement officers and refusing to obey the lawful requirements, reports the city police Department.

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