Joseph Raihelgauz showed the audience the war memories of her mother

the Performance is on stage “Winter garden”: the oblong hall are two dozen dilapidated wooden tables. They create a direct and first metaphor productions — way of life. Stage workers in gray uniforms, seedlings for them 80 people to invite the main character — Faina Raihelgauz (Elena Sanayeva). This well-groomed middle-aged woman, as if apologizing, that long in coming, rolls up his sleeves white sweater and begins to cook. “Now I’ll feed you your own soup, she says. — Who else was eating: Galina Volchek, Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Vysotsky…” a meter from the viewer on an electric griddle is really in full boiling water and waiting, when there will be beans, beets, cabbage, potatoes. And Faina Iosifovna absolutely casually and calmly remembers his childhood. The awkwardness from the lack of boundaries between the viewer and the actor is quickly replaced passion. Inhaling the aroma of homemade borscht, are all immersed in the memories of one Jewish family.

This story is full of love and happiness, but there is enough room for pain and despair. Little Fania and her younger sister Armor saw the death of their parents. They were shot by Nazi aircraft, while a trainload of evacuees escaped from the war. “Mom swept the legs, and the head leaving only the face,” says Faina’s an adult. She several times will come back to this and tell without sobs and sobs: all have lived and experienced.

Photos: theatre “School of Modern drama”

the Story and then interrupts a short video about a different “Tier”, the movie, the play scenario by Mikhail Roshchin, which Galina Volchek with the participation of more young Director Joseph Raihelgauz put in “the contemporary”. So there is a second metaphor — the train of salvation from the horrors of war and bitter memories.

the Performance runs an hour and a half without intermission. A single breath, until cooked soup. Several times the narrative is interrupted machinists scenes that forcibly fit in a 30-centimeter gap between the viewer and the table spread embroidered cotton tablecloth, put the aluminum plates and cups. They’re all gone from the table to the cold walls of the hall.

Under the action revived memories seem now shot… the train Explodes, and with it — everyday happiness, calm and life itself. If Joseph Raihelgauz revived a family tragedy, his daughter, performance artist Maria Tregubov gave her “voice”. Not gentle tone for the home meals, and ringing volume on maximum opportunities from overturned tables, flying dishes and broken lives.

Finish off the already shocked spectators February footage 2020 from the family archive of Rayhelgauza. Them aunt of Joseph Armor, the younger sister Faina calmly recalls the terrible death of their parents. Lived, but not experienced and treats favorite nephew a bowl of signature soup.