recently it became known that the ex-wife of the producer with the mother and children lost their apartment. And 81-year-old mother-in-law Prigogine were practically on the street. New details have become known of this dramatic story.

As it turned out, the apartment was pledged to the firm, which is engaged in lending. Ex-wife of the producer had invested with borrowed money in the development of its business, but in the end are unable to repay the debt and lost his apartment. This girl Elena received from Prigogine after the divorce.

it is Noteworthy that the producer did not remain aloof from the problems of the ex-wife and tried to help her. But, as Prigogine told the website WomanHit

attempts to enter into negotiations with representatives of the company, taking an apartment in what have not resulted.

“…the people I met about the situation with the apartment, and he negotiated, threatened me with death, they say, they have a connection in MIA. I told them: “You just give your grandmother a return to the apartment, show your gentlemanliness”. What they told me: “it will not be”, — said the producer.

According to Prigogine talking about a criminal organization with many resources. The producer recognizes that his ex-wife acted very recklessly, when he took a loan secured by an apartment of what he repeatedly said, but no one listened.